Tips for Finding The Perfect Wedding Venue


Planning early for your wedding is very important, you will have ample time to think through on what you want in your big day, and you will have a clear picture of how the event will unfold. The first thing that comes to a couple planning a wedding is the venue of the wedding, the venue matters a lot as it can make a wedding to be more glamorous. Wedding venues options are many, from gardens venues to hotel venues, from cityscapes to urban rooftops. The endless options make it harder for a couple to come with a decision on where their wedding venue will be.


Seek the services of a planner, the planner knows most of the wedding venues in a given location, the planner also has an idea of how much it can cost to host a wedding in a given venue, the couple will not be required to visit every wedding venue inquiring the prices. The planner knows which venues ask you to bring some items needed at the outside wedding venue, some venues do not offer chairs, others do not offer sound system, and other venues you will be required to come with a generator in case there is a power outage.


The number of guests is a factor to consider when choosing a wedding venue if you expect a high number of guests, book a wedding venue that can accommodate the high number of guests comfortably. It is better having a venue that will hold as many people as the parents always add the list of guests invited and the couples may be caught unawares.


The wedding venue differs if the wedding ceremony and reception party will be held at the same time, some wedding venue is not fit to hold both wedding ceremony and reception party, therefore the couple is advised not book such venues. different couples prefer an all-inclusive wedding venue, right from wedding ceremony, reception party to late night party or evening party, getting such venues that can offer all the services will be a good deal to the couple.


Planning for a wedding date or season can determine the choice of the venue to book, a rainy season will force a couple to choose a closed wedding venue rather than an open garden venue. Winter season will see the couple avoid rooftop spaces and also open garden wedding venues, depending on the date’s set it is advisable to choose the wedding venue bearing in mind the seasons of the year. Should you wish to learn more about weddings at

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